Gulnaar Realty

Mr. Kanwaljit Singh — Chairman

The visionary founder of Gulnaar Realty, Mr. Kanwaljit Singh, embarked on this journey in 1982. His passion for construction led him to move from Chandigarh to NCR, where he single-handedly built Gulnaar Realty from the ground up. With a background as a successful electronics goods trader in Chandigarh, Mr. Kanwaljit’s entrepreneurial spirit laid the foundation for the company’s success.

Mr. Karandeep Singh – Managing Director

Mr. Karandeep, the Managing Director of Gulnaar Realty, inherits an entrepreneurial spirit and a keen interest in his father’s business. An architecture student turned real estate developer, Mr. Karandeep actively contributed to scaling his father’s construction business over the last two decades. His commitment to excellence and affinity for Chandigarh continue to shape Gulnaar Realty’s future.

Mr. V.K. Gupta — Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Bringing nearly 40 years of banking experience, Mr. V.K. Gupta serves as the Chief Financial Officer of Gulnaar Realty. His extensive expertise, gained as the former Managing Director of a private sector bank, adds a wealth of financial acumen and specialized knowledge to the team.

Mr. Anil Batla — Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

With 30 years of leadership experience, Mr. Anil Batla leads Gulnaar Realty as the Chief Executive Officer. A stalwart of the finance and telecom industries, Mr. Batla’s expertise is highly sought after in navigating the complex world of governmental departments. His involvement has been instrumental in the successful execution of some of Punjab’s largest real estate developments.

Mr. Ajay Chugh — Head, Sales & Marketing

Boasting almost 25 years of experience, Mr. Ajay Chugh spearheads the sales and marketing efforts at Gulnaar Realty. Drawing from his vast experience at some of India’s largest companies, Mr. Chugh ensures that the Gulnaar Realty brand resonates with its intended audience.