Studio ING is a one-stop-shop for bespoke creations. Our in-house woodworking unit is capable of fabricating customised requirements .

  • Modular kitchens & wardrobes- made from time lasting materials and finished in variety of designs, our kitchens and wardrobes are totally customised as per your requirements, budget and space. We sort the best suited products as per your applications and the outcome is very thoughtful and has a designer look.
  • Furniture – from solid wood composition to more contemporary materials, we do it all. Our team is equipped with the technical knowledge and skill to produce intricate detailing that create a stunning impression. If you can dream it, we can design and shape it. 
  • Joinery – Our wood working arm does it all ! We make highly impressive joineries which are unique to your project. From a normal sized door to larger formats , panelled to flush, veneered to solid wood, we are equipped to make them all , well finished in our paint booth and ready to install.

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