Flavors of Single Origin Cocoa Beans

About Mozimo

Luxe. Captivating. Fresh

Established in 2023, Mozimo is North India’s first of its kind authentic European-inspired bean to bar artisanal chocolate that celebrates the rich and distinctive flavors of single origin cocoa beans. Luxurious, fun loving and handcrafted, each Mozimo bar has a delectable body and soul. Each bar is crafted by a skilled and passionate set of artisans. Each bar is a masterpiece.

The Mozimo Magic

At Mozimo, we believe in creating a sensory experience with our chocolate, tantalize the taste buds, and arrest your attention with irresistible aromas and visuals in their artistic ‘chocolate’ inspired studio.

Diwali Special



The Mozimo Magic

Walk into our workshop, our live kitchens on all three levels and a chocolate aging cellar where the cocoa infused mystic magic takes place. Watch the cocoa beans roast, crack, winnow and refine in house using Italian made state of the art techniques to coax out the natural flavours, capturing chocolate in its purest form

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