Mozimo Story

Flavors of Single Origin Cocoa Beans

Luxe. Captivating. Fresh

Established in 2023, Mozimo is North India’s first of its kind authentic European-inspired bean to bar artisanal chocolate that celebrates the rich and distinctive flavors of single origin cocoa beans. At Mozimo, we believe in creating a sensory experience with our chocolate, tantalize the taste buds, and arrest your attention with irresistible aromas and visuals.

The Chocolatiers

Our story begins in circa 2021, when we, intrepid travellers, consummate lovers of all things good and sweet, ventured in search of the perfect chocolate. For us, chocolate goes beyond confection. It’s a canvas for creativity, a medium for exploration, a celebration of beauty. It’s also an endeavour, to be part of the global craft chocolate revolution, and revel in the spectacular diversity of cocoa with best techniques, beans and equipment. We ventured deep into remote cocoa farms, forged relationships with farmers who shared their commitment to sustainable and ethical practices, and with painstaking care selected beans enriched with tradition and history.

From South India to Italy, the heart of chocolate making, from where our machinery has been sourced, and from where one of the finest artisanal chocolate consultants, Gabriele Rinaudo guided and educated us on the art and craft of chocolate making. We welcome you into our little cafe in Chandigarh – come, indulge in the incredible versatility of chocolate, harmonising beautifully with fruits, nuts, spices, beverages and savory items. Here, we speak a language everyone understands, and like chocolate, are shameless crowd pleasers!